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Moving Protection

Home Moving Protection

You can enjoy additional peace of mind with our moving protection plan. We care for your belongings like you do therefore we aim protect you if something unexpected happens to your valuables or personal items during the move. Our experience, training and stringent standards have made us one of the most trusted moving companies in Peterborough. Our specially equipped moving vehicles and inventory tracking systems ensure that your belongings are moved safely.

There is nothing quite like watching your possessions stuffed into a truck whilst you waving goodbye as it pulls onto the road towards your new home. No matter what safety and precautionary measures you have taken, there still remains a chance of accident or loss. Part of you wonders if you will be seeing your belongings in the same condition and shape again and if your valuables are going to get delivered at its proper address. Accidents certainly can happen even when you are most careful.

A&R Removals offer moving coverage and moving protection to its customers via Aviva Insurance Company. It means that if something bad happens to your belongings or if it gets lost, you will be reimbursed for everything i.e. from your paper clips to valuables and family heirlooms.


Why have we chosen Aviva Insurance Company?

A&R Removals strongly believes in quality, perfection and putting customer satisfaction first. For your peace of mind we have chosen one of the best reputed insurance companies in the UK. With Aviva’s track record your recoveries and claims will be handled in absolutely no time ( in the event of a claim). There are several reasons behind choosing Aviva such as:

  • 1. Licensed

    Aviva Insurance is licensed to operate in the UK. As a general rule, it is best for you to choose an insurance company which is licensed so that you can rely on your state department if a problem arises.
  • 2. Price

    Aviva offers various Goods in Transit insurance covers customised to your needs so that you can relax and be stress free while your belongings are on the way to your new home. With us you do not need to worry since we take care of everything i.e. from packing of your belongings to unpacking, reorganising your new home, offering moving protection and coverage.
  • 3. Financial Solidity

    As mentioned before, Aviva has an excellent track record in terms of handled claims and covers. Moreover, it has high rankings which shows high customer satisfaction. Additionally, Aviva is a financially stable and sound company that has an edge over other insurance companies.
  • 4. Service

    As far as the service is concerned, Aviva has highly committed, professional, knowledgeable, experienced and customer friendly customer representatives who are willing to go the extra mile. They listen to their customer’s requirements and then provide them the right guidance and appropriate suggestions regarding insurance packages. They answer your questions and handle your claims efficiently, fairly and quickly.

    Precisely speaking, we are specialists at what we do and customer satisfaction is our top priority. We offer complete range of services when it comes to moving. We suggest you fully understand the pros and cons of the available insurance packages before taking out insurance.

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