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If you need top moving services then you have come to the right place. No matter what your moving needs, we have got the right equipment and trained staff to provide this. Whether you are moving to another city or locally we are here to assist you. Our customised and personalised moving plans will make the process hassle free and easy for you.

We offer comprehensive moving services which include packing/unpacking, assembling/de-assembling, and loading/unloading of your office equipment, household furniture and other commodities.

Having enough experience in the moving industry, we know what is involved in a successful move and can use this experience to help you plan your big move. We are experts in providing packing assistance, packing materials and boxes and unpacking. If you take our packing and unpacking service then we will manage the entire move for you, without charging any additional or hidden costs. Leave everything to us and let us take the stress and hassle out.


Manage your Move

An exceptionally professional and experienced team of packers and movers will pack and unpack your home or office. We also sell packing materials such as packing boxes, which can be delivered to your door. Also, we provide advice relevant to the time, location and logistics of your move. For example, how your move will happen, what number of staff will be required and how many day(s) it will take. As far as the storage is concerned, we offer great deals on storage if you require it during, before or after your house moving.

With our state of the art tracking system and 24/7 helpline you can get any sort of assistance and guidance relevant to the move. Our customer helpful representatives are knowledgeable, who go the extra mile to guide you at every step.


Types of Moves

  • • Renovations
  • • Moving an office or professional items
  • • Moving wine cellars or other collections
  • • Deceased Estates


If you are planning a renovation, our expert packers can pack the relevant furniture and belongings and store them at your place in an organised and clean manner. Once you are done with the renovation, everything can be set back to its place by our experts, depending upon the package you take. After a huge effort of renovation, imagine how relax you can be if the unpacking and organising is done by us!


Moving office or professional items

Considering or planning to move your office or sensitive professional items? You have come to the right place. Our staff will take extra care in packing your important material. They will ensure that the equipment and items are packed safely and are organised the way you want these to be.


Moving wine cellars or other collections

Extra care is taken while packing, moving and unpacking your valuables, special collections and antiques. Our staff is professional with advanced skills and training who take extra care with valuables and precious items. Therefore, if you are planning to move your valuables or collections, let our team assist you.


Deceased Estates

We can imagine that managing deceased estates can be really stressful and challenging. We can assist and help you in this tough time by sorting, handling and packing the items for family, disposal, storage or charity. Call us today and let us help you in this difficult time.

Moving Boxes

Majority of people find it difficult to pack, most of them find that they have more to pack than they realise. With our expert guidelines, we can give you advice on the packing materials and boxes you will need to ensure that you do not run out before everything is packed. Even if you are packing yourself, you will require moving boxes. For your guidance we have created a guide through which you can easily analyse how many boxes and packing materials you will require for packing. The guide is based on the number of rooms your home has.

As a general rule always keep in mind that it is better to purchase a ratio of half small and half large boxes so that you get a right mix for small, large, heavy and breakable items. You can also buy specialised moving boxes made for hanging clothes, artwork, televisions, wines, golf clubs and antiques etc. It is best to buy extra paper if you have more precious and valuable items.

  • • For a two bedroom house you must buy 50 boxes, half small and half large
  • • For a three bedroom house it is best to buy at least 80 boxes, 40 small boxes and 40 large
  • • For a four bedroom apartment, always buy at least 100 boxes with equal number of small and large boxes
  • • For a five bedroom house, buy 120 boxes with the same ratio of small and large boxes
  • • You will need 1 roll of tape for every 20 boxes
  • • Also buy 1kg of white paper for every 3 boxes to be packed

A&R Removals can supply packing materials or you can buy it yourself. Our helpful Moving Experts can guide you about the materials you need. We supply quality boxes for packing to both our domestic and commercial customers.

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